Let’s Read: Moblin’s Magic Spear

BastianYou all are probably familiar with Bastian, our former chief editor, however you may not already know about the book, Moblin’s Magic Spear. This picture story was published in 1990 to fit with the very first game, The Legend of Zelda. Well, combine our own Bastian with Moblin’s Magic Spear, and you have a nice “let’s read” of this ancient story.

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I love to discover new things about the Zelda series that surround and enhance the games themselves. Nowadays games have so much content in them it seems silly to have this kind of book at all, but I still think it’s a great addition to any collection.

It’s also fantastic to hear Bastian share a piece of his youth, and how he experienced the series over two decades ago. If you’re interested, check out his YouTube channel for more Bastian and Zelda related content!

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Source: YouTube

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