It’s no secret that some Legend of Zelda fans are a bit crazier than others. Heck, I think even myself, shelling out over $600 just to be able to play the 3 Zelda CD-i games was a bit crazy. Sometimes that line of craziness is simply just strange. There are tons of Zelda collectibles that I’ve purchased over the years, but none of them are as simple as a standard, custom made Zelda Hand Towel. That is exactly what you see to the left and you can get a larger look at it by clicking the image. It’s a regular hand towel with the Triforce emblem from Twilight Princess. The item was available for sale, but apparently some Zelda fan snatched it before I was able to buy this item myself.

Now, as much as I love Zelda, this is one accessory that might be a bit unnecessary. Then again, I’ve seen officially licensed Zelda related silverware, bed sheets, towels, and even Zelda cereal. Plenty of official collectibles that are not exactly the first thing you associate Zelda with. Although to most people that have some of these collectibles, they are purely just that, collectibles. I don’t think many people actually use these goodies on a day to day basis… but who knows. I’ve seen stranger things.

Have any strange Zelda collectibles of your own? If you had something like this would you use it or just have it on display? Feel free to post your comments below.

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