Legend of Zelda: Enemy Redemptions

Goriya Artwork

Noah over at The Hidden Triforce has put together a short article discussing several enemies of the Zelda series that have since been lost over the years. In particular he looks at five enemies that once played a more vital role, but are now just another enemy in the grouping.

Where has Goriya even gone? This ugly but ever so lovable enemy has not been seen since A Link to the Past. Goriya got his start as a Boomerang throwing foe in The Legend of Zelda and repeated this performance for The Adventure of Link. Goriya even made several appearances in the notoriously good Legend of Zelda cartoons. InA Link to the Past he was weakened and made to just mimic Link’s moves. Bring Goriya back. Zelda Wii could use a Boomerang touting enemy.

I personally would like to see the Lynel’s from the original Legend of Zelda make a return. We saw them in A Link to the Past, Oracle of Seasons, and Oracle of Ages, but they have since disappeared. I always thought that they were some of the more challenging overworld enemies and it is a shame that such a cool looking and difficult enemy has disappeared.

So what enemies out there do you think should return to the Zelda series? What older enemies do you think should play a more vital role in the games? Post your comments below!

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