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While it seemed unclear as to whether or not there was going to be a third season to the highly acclaimed Legend of Neil, we can now say that the 3rd has been scripted. In a recent interview with two of the writers, including Tony Janning who plays the character of Neil/Link, it was confirmed that Season 3 has been scripted. However, the only downside is that season 3 will almost certainly be the final season in the series.

The interview also talks about how the original project came to be and the speed bumps that it went through to get to where it is at now. You can check out the full season 1 and season 2 at the Legend of Neil website.

EDIT: Thanks to Kirstyn Burtt for posting this below in the comments, but you can now also check out the Behind the Scenes production of the interview along with some fun-filled images.

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