Legend of Neil 3-2: The Gloffice

In the newest episode of the Legend of Neil, we see Link continuing on his journey through Hyrule as he completes both level 4 and level 5. In the meantime, Ganon, Wizrobe, Princess Zelda, and others have a little fun in a Zelda spinoff of the hit comedy show, The Office. We get to see what happens behind the scenes in the workplace of Ganon and his minions, seeing how the hiring of foes occurs, and how things are handled on a day to day basis. It really is quite humorous and for those that are fans of the Office, I’m certain you’ll enjoy this one. The Legend of Neil will be airing episodes on a bi-weekly basis, so check back in two weeks for the next episode! If you are still unfamiliar with the series, you can check out the Very First episode to see where it all started.

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