Layout 18 – Isn’t It Beautiful?

Hey guys! I’ve been a little quiet the past few months, and part of the reason for that is because we’re gearing up here at the site in preparation for the release of Spirit Tracks. That being said, here’s a brand new layout to snazzy up the site.

We changed several things behind the scenes, but the most notable change right off the bat is the left navigation, which now changes depending on which section of the site you are currently viewing. We did this for a couple reasons, but one of the advantages is that the popup menu that was previously on the left won’t get layered underneath the videos embedded on various pages. With the site moving more and more towards dynamic types of content, we need everything to be stable and not have stupid issues like that.

I’m really excited about some of the other features we’ve implemented with this layout as well, from various text colors and a wider content area for some pages to more dynamic maps and links, all geared to making the upcoming Spirit Tracks Walkthrough by far the coolest one we’ve done so far. The staff will be working together to pump it out as fast and as packed full as possible.

Finally, we’ve switched from CuteNews to WordPress for our updates. This allows us to have a commenting system for each individual post, without having to go to the forums. Since a majority of our visitors find us through search engines, it made sense to give them the ability to comment without having to sign up on our forums. Not that you SHOULDN’T sign up on our forums, mind you. 😉

And that’s it! I hope you all enjoy this one, I spent many hours working on it. And remember, we’re your source for Spirit Tracks content!

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