Layout 17: “Tell Me A Story”

I know I said in previous posts that I was going to get crackin’ on the OoT Walkthrough… Well… I lied… I took a break to make this snazzy layout =P

The beautiful fan art background image in the header was made by Aerawen Vanhouten, who gave me permission to use it for the layout. Check out her profile on DeviantArt to see more of her artwork =D

Let’s see, comments to make about it… I’m really just used to working with dark blues, so this was a stretch for me. I tried to keep everything very simple this time around because several people thought my last few layouts were cluttered and too busy. Also, it seems having the site menu drop down from the Zelda Dungeon logo was confusing people, so I made a “Site” button that has that function now.

Mmm, what else… Originally, the game boxes were going to be animated with some snazzy Twilight Realm floaties, but it ended up loading funny in Internet Explorer, so I had to ditch it. Sorry folks =(

And that’s about it… Happy day! Now go chat in the forums. I dare you.

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