Nintendo Stream Fake

Shock. Horror. Amazing twist – because no-one saw this coming right? The footage we recently posted of rumored leaked footage of Project Café‘s boot sequence and launch menu is… fake. No real surprise there, but the full story is now coming out.

The video we posted was removed by the user due to all of the negative feedback. It was made in Photoshop CS5, and was never intended to be posted around the web as legit. All well and good, but I don’t know why it would then be uploaded to a duplicate account. Maybe because that’s just something to say, when it was intended to stir up some controversy. Why else would you make this anyway?

You can now find the video on the real creator’s channel, more appropriately titled “Nintendo Stream Mock boot sequence”. Another rumor has been officially laid to rest, and now we can get on with our lives of waiting for the official announcements at E3.

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