Hylian TextNintendo has now released all of the letters to the secret word. This was a fun, though obvious, way to gather some Zelda excitement. I like to learn the letters of the Hylian alphabet. Not a lot of people can say they can read Hylian these days.

Here are all of the letters, in order in case you missed any. Did you guess it right? Of course you did.

Here’s the first one:

Hylian Letter 1

_________ is for the man you first encounter sleeping outside Hyrule Castle.

Here’s the second one:

Hylian Letter 2

_________ is for the the name of the Sage of Light.

Here’s the third one:

Hylian Letter 3

______ is for Princess Zelda’s guardian

Here’s the fourth one:

Fourth Letter to Hylian Message

__ is for the Goddess of Courage

Here’s the fifth one:

Hylian Letter Number Five

__ is for the instrument Princess Zelda throws to Link as she escapes from Hyrule Castle

Here’s the sixth one:

Hylian Letter Six

The Hylian letter __ is for Mamamu Yan’s missing pet dog.

Here’s the seventh one:

Hylian Letter Seven

_____ is for the animals you help round up in Kakariko village.

Here’s the last one:

Hylian Letter Eight

_______ is for Link’s cherished steed, and it’s the last letter in our Hylian.

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