We’ve seen Ocarina 3D footage before, but never in English. This is also a much higher quality vid than the stuff that’s come out of Japan. Everything looks clean, and while it’s all familiar there’s a nice finished look that adds more than just 3D, but also a dimension of freshness. See the night sky or the silhouette of Death Mountain in the background, for example. Watch a video of the Gohma boss battle below, courtesy of Kotaku.

We’ve already commented on how the dungeon areas don’t quite look as dark, but now we can see that the tradeoff for higher graphical quality seems to be worth it. Gyroscope aiming controls actually look really responsive. Before I couldn’t really see myself using them but after seeing them in action I actually think I might after all. Too bad this guy couldn’t get past the first boss so we could check out how Nintendo’s legendary censorship skills impact dramatic boss deaths – you know they’ll be doing it so this game scores a E10 rating.

I’ve gotta try this out for myself, so expect to see me in Los Angeles in a few weeks (and playing much better than this guy did!).

Source: Kotaku

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