Hyrule Warriors has been a huge success for both Nintendo and Koei Tecmo. Not only has it joined the the short list for million sellers on the Wii U, it became arguably Koei Tecmo’s best selling game over the last fiscal year. It’s safe to say that the game was largely a huge success for both Dynasty Warrior fans and Zelda fans alike. What’s even neater in all of this is that while we have the raw 1 million unit figure, in an interview with Famitsu Koei Tecmo admitted that the game is still selling today, both the game itself and the DLC. While this is nothing new for Nintendo games, it’s unusual for many other developers and publishers.

I am just glad to see the longer trail of sales extend to Hyrule Warriors, as I have had hundreds of hours of fun with that game and still play it a couple times a week today. Are you glad this game has been a successful venture? Would you like to maybe see a Hyrule Warriors 2?

Source: NeoGAF, Famitsu

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