Okay, so it looks like I spoke too soon yesterday when I asked Nintendo about what we should expect for Wii in 2011. Last night they released a trailer of the upcoming Kirby title for Wii to their investors. I know you’re thinking “but they just released a Kirby game last fall!” This one looks like a return to traditional Kirby gameplay, with power-stealing, Dream Land exploring, side-scrolling excellence. And it’s lost none of the charm of the original games.

UPDATE: According to Nintendo Japan’s quarterly report, this game’s listed as a DS title… It’s listed on the investors’ report as a Wii title, however.

Trailer highlights – Kirby smacks some Waddle Dees with a giant sword at 0:09, summons a giant flame serpent at 0:13, spits out a monster star at 0:23, and plays Indiana Jones at 0:28. Now, I loved Kirby’s Epic Yarn, but seeing what they can do with classic Kirby on a current-gen console somehow has me even more intrigued.

And there’s even more news that comes out of this report, so stay tuned as we deliver you the rest.

Source: Nintendo Japan

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