After their conference last night, Square-Enix released a ton of new teaser sites to their Japanese website. Of particular interest to Kingdom Hearts fans, they also revealed the full name of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D. We knew already that the “3D” was an abbreviation for part of the title as well as a descriptor indicating that it’s a 3DS edition, but what we didn’t know was what it stood for.

Now we know: it’s Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. To those who speculated about the “dream” part – awesome. I don’t think anyone really predicted “drop” or “distance,” although it’s clear how the first relates to the second if you’ve ever watched the dream sequences at the beginning of the main series games.

Still no word on an upcoming release date, but as with most 3DS titles it’s probably way off in the distance – oh wait, I get it.

Source: Square-Enix, Andriasang

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