Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

King of Games Tingle T-ShirtTingle has been getting more love then usual this year, and it’s really no secret that he is becoming his own entity over in Japan. Much like Mario and Link before him, he is starting his long road to becoming a gaming icon. So what is next for Tingle, after his latest game release? Having his mug on on a shirt. King of Games, a company located in Japan, is making shirts with his face all over them. How much would it cost you to get your hands on one of these? Shipping aside, it will cost you 50$ USD. Apparently, Tingle is simply worth more then the cost of his actual game on a shirt. More pics are inside.

Tingle Shirt

I’m definitely shelling out the money for this.

Source: The King of Games

Special thanks to Kotaku for breaking this story.

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