Thumbnail image for kidicarus.jpgOcarina of Time 3D is the biggest game to be released on the Nintendo 3Ds to date, but the game is a still a remake; it’s a polish job. Kid Icarus: Uprising is the next most anticipated game for the 3DS, and it would be the first if it weren’t for our fanish antics when ever we so much as hear the word “ocarina.” Unlike Ocarina of Time, it was conceived for the 3DS. Not only that, but the game was the title chosen to push limits of the handheld hardware. Icarus is Nintendo’s showcase piece for the 3DS.

And with a November 2011 release date in the sites, Kid Icarus is also Nintendo’s big holiday sale for the Nintendo 3DS; it’s the game parents will be buying their kids. However, this no longer holds true for Europe.

While Nintendo Europe has yet to state anything officially, there have been reports that the game has been marked down for a first quarter 2012 release date. Kid Icarus is a highly anticipated game, and it will still sell a lot of copies in Europe, but missing the oh-so-important Christmas window could hurt it, not to mention disappoint a lot of European fans

How does this potential delay affect any of our European readers, and who among you is planning on picking up the game when it is released?

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