Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:


Way back in March, we told you knuckleheads about Team Teamwork’s Ocarina of Rhyme—a mashup project of rappers like MF DOOM, Clipse, Common, and Jay-Z with beats made from various tracks from the Legend of Zelda series. We’ve also seen dudes like Tae K mix stuff like Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘n’ Night” with Ocarina of Time‘s fairy fountain theme to great results. And now, we’ve got Alejandro Quan-Madrid of Bitmob taking a similar approach with his Jay-Zelda: Beat’s Awakening project, which features Jay-Z rhymes over Link’s Awakening-sampling beats. While I’ve always been iffy towards Jay (how do you get ethered 3 separate times?), I’m still anticipating the hell out of this. To anyone with the proper talent: do more stuff like this!

The EP will be dropping shortly; we’ve got your back with updates. For now, check out a preview of “Roc Feathers” below:

Here’s to hoping we get a “Hyrule State of Mind” cut. Full info + download link here.

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