Sorry, little guy. You should have pre-ordered!People who are looking to score a copy of Ocarina of Time in Japan may be in for a rude awakening when they arrive at their favorite game shop. However, this shouldn’t be too shocking as Nintendo had planned to give the game a limited release, after copies of Spirit Tracks hit japanese bargin bins more quickly than Nintendo had hoped for.

I wouldn’t be too worried, though. Many japanese retailers are claiming that they’ll receive more copies of Ocarina of Time within the next ten days or so. I’d also like to point out for those of us here in the U.S. that the Gamestop I pre-ordered mine at only had about 5 copies for non-reserves. When I asked the game advisor about it, he told me they weren’t expecting any more copies of the game for at least a week or two. Not just at his store, but the other ones in the region as well.

So, how many of you guys out there ended up coming home empty handed because you didn’t pre-order? How did that make you feel? Leave a comment and let your rage flow.

Source: Gamekyo (via Gonintendo)

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