HW_LanaDeku01The recently mentioned Hyrule Warriors mini figures, offered by Takara Tomy ARTS, are now available on NCSX. The 4-pack is up for $23.90, which is not unreasonable. There has been some debate about their quality as figures, particularly the Ganondorf figure, but if you do like the figures, and you agree with the price, hit the jump for some images, and a link to the sale page!






Like how these mini figures look? Grab theme over here!

I must say, for $6, these are not bad. I like the Lana figure, and if I could get them individually, I might think of grabbing one. As has been said several times, the Ganondorf figure has his Twilight Princess design, rather than the popular new Hyrule Warriors design. I agree that this is sort of a shame, but if you like this better, then that’s cool, too. Either way, it is good to see some Hyrule Warriors merchandise.

Would you like to buy these figures? What other characters should have their own mini figures? Drop a comment!

Source: NCSX

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