As Zelda fans, we are all familiar with the fantastic soundtracks that come hand in hand with a Zelda title. Majora’s Mask is no exception, though the game’s darker themes and ideals set its soundtrack aside from the rest. Japan seems to be getting a lot of love from Nintendo as usual, as they will be receiving the Majora’s Mask 3D OST on October 7th.

The soundtrack is coming to Japan courtesy of Tablier Communications, and their Symphony No. 5 label. It includes all 113 tracks from the game – 112 of those from the original N64 version – and comes with two discs, an 8-page booklet, a rubber Majora’s Mask keychain, and a mini poster. You could see this as a “re-re-release” of sorts, considering Platinum members of Club Nintendo Japan already got a re-release of the original Majora’s Mask soundtrack back in 2013. All tracks have been remastered for the best audio quality possible.

It comes as no surprise that there’s no word on a release here in the West yet, but you never know. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed here at Zelda Informer.

Source: Go Nintendo

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