January Artwork

First and foremost, happy birthday to our beloved Webmaster, Caleb! Outside of being one day older than he was yesterday, Caleb is now 21 years old. Which of course, is totally different than being say… 20. Happy birthday and hopefully your day is filled with glory.

This months artwork update features four artists with four great pieces of fan artwork. Remember, if you are an artist yourself, be sure to send in your artwork to Juliet at North Castle.

Twilight Romance by Robyn Greenbow
Navi in the Field by Rebeca Orantes
Nerd K.O. by Leoma-silfren
Link LoZ: ‘Of Dreams’ by Shadsie

Twilight Romance is a fun little piece, while Navi in the Field, is simple, yet cool. Nerd K.O. is a slightly more mature piece of work, and has a short story that one can picture when looking at it. Shadsie has been featured several times here at Zelda Dungeon, and ‘Of Dreams’ is one of the artists earlier works. Still a great piece of artwork though. Hope you all enjoy this months artwork!

~ Mases
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