wiiu.jpgFor those wondering, 20,000 Yen is roughly 250$ USD, and he reportedly leaked this tidbit to a japanese news paper in terms of estimating the value of the 2012 console. I think all of us figured it would debut at a higher price than the Nintendo Wii, so I am not really sure what this news truly entails. Does this mean we are going to get a lowball figure of 300$, since they are starting at the Wii’s original price and going from there? Naturally 300$ I think is the breaking point for initial sales of the Wii U. If you go above that, casuals may be priced out of the equation entirely, and then you start making the PS3 and such look like a better option for the money. Sure, it’s early and things can change, but I think this suggests Nintendo is leaning towards the 300$ mark as of today.

Source: GI

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