And man was it a doozy, with almost 100% new content shown, including new enemies, items, environments, and characters. We don’t have any trailer or screenshot uploads yet but we’ll be tearing them to pieces as soon as they arrive. A few tidbits to consider:

  • There will be another sword in addition to the “Master Sword”
  • There will also be a shield other than the Hylian Shield
  • A character from the trailer suggests that the Skyward Sword spirit may have gotten a redesign – or else that there’s a completely new villain in this game (it’s too hard to tell!)
  • There are tons of new and returning enemies in the trailer, all redesigned to take advantage of the new Motion Plus combat
  • A lot of new “hardcore” features were introduced, such as some kind of energy or magic meter, but we don’t know too much about them yet
  • The world looks to be culturally very different from previous games, with much more Eastern influence
  • The demo area will be returning, but has been changed considerably

I’ll be scouring the interwebs for a link to the trailer and any new screenshots throughout the day and will be able to report more accurately later, but there’s a bit of a teaser to whet your appetite.

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