Remember how hard it was to get a Wii four years ago due to stock shortages? Retailers everywhere were sold out, and long lines of people who had waited all night for a chance to pick one up were turned away. With only 1.5 million 3DS units scheduled for distribution in Japan during the system’s first month on the market, and a mere 2.5 million more for other territories by the end of the fiscal year, it’s hard to believe Nintendo’s going to be able to reach everyone who’s willing to go out and get one on-launch.

Iwata assures us, however, that Nintendo is working hard to prevent this from happening again with 3DS. “It’s important that we ensure a continuous supply,” he said in a report to Japanese media company Nikkei. Nonetheless, if you’re hoping to get a piece of 3DS in March, it’s probably best to play it safe and preorder one ahead of time. (We know we will.)

Source: Reuters Canada

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