Sorry Operation Moonfall supporters, Iwata isn’t giving you credit for the creation of Majora’s Mask 3D. Rather, he is pointing out how amazing of a marketing tool the internet itself can be using Majora’s Mask 3D as evidence to this, along with some other logic about how the blockbuster gamese and movies are actually bigger now than they use to be. Why is this? Iwata has some theories and thoughts about the attempt to understand the greater consumer market trends. Here is what he had to say about all of this:

Iwata: The internet makes a variety of things transparent and allows information to be shared quickly. Therefore, in a way, you can no longer hand-wave stuff as you once could, but on the other hand it’s created a platform for a variety of interesting things.

I don’t think it’s more difficult now [to do business] with the internet around. In fact, for certain genres and demographics, the internet is better at spreading information for us than, say, TV is.

For example, we posted a Tweet [on the NCL account] saying that we were remaking The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and we had over 16,000 retweets within one day. Looking at those numbers, it’s hard to feel that the market is becoming more segmented.

Iwata: Indeed, we see the trend of, as the middle of the market disappears, the big hits only become bigger. For example, there’s been four 2 million sellers released on the 3DS [in Japan] in the last five months.

We checked and that’s never happened before in the Japanese game market. So, in the middle of people saying ‘packaged software doesn’t sell anymore’ and ‘dedicated game consoles are dead’, we have this happening.

Kawakami: Just this year, we had Frozen released in Japan and be a huge hit. People are saying no one goes to movie theaters any more and then we have one of the highest grossing movies ever recorded in Japan.

Iwata: It’s segmentation and over-concentration. This bipolarity is just a feature of the market in recent years.

The mega hits get bigger, so to speak.

This is all pretty interesting as Nintendo attempts to better understand how to market their games better. What are your thoughts?

Source: MyNintendoNews

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