We’ve posted about G4’s Videogame Deathmatch back in late March mostly to encourage votes for Zelda as the best franchise in round one, and of course to let you all in on a chance to win a Panasonic 3D Plasma TV. fast forward three weeks and we are sitting here in the finals, where The Legend of Zelda faces off against Starcraft to claim the crown of best franchise ever. For us, this seems like an obvious choice, but is Starcraft a legit contendor?

For those unaware, this is Starcraft:

Yes, it’s one of those games, and it happens to be one of the best ones ever crafted. The big argument against Starcraft in this debate is that it only truly consists of two main entries, with a 3rd due out at a later date. However, just like Ocarina of Time had a lasting impact, the original Starcraft remained one of the single most played online game for a decade. It was so well crafted it’s often argued no other game in it’s genre has ever reached the perfect balance that Starcraft had.

Starcraft 2 was one of the best selling games of last year, and one of the few mega blockbuster PC exclusives to come out in recent memory. We all know the merits of the Zelda franchise, but it’s hard to argue against the impact of Starcraft, and what it represents for PC gaming. I fully realize, in the end, most of you are going to vote for Zelda and why shouldn’t you? 25 years of history, it’s what this site’s primary focus is, but I always say you gotta roll with the punches. Starcraft is shaping up into a truly incredible franchise.

What are you waiting for? Go vote one last time and get one last entry to win a 3D Plasma TV. Thanks goes out to Aviator Zero for keeping us updated on this.

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