Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and we haven’t seen a whole lot of “negative” feelings surrounding Skyward Sword’s controls. We’ve heard some “concerns” of course, but nothing that went as far as to say the controls themselves are clunky. I also personally have not heard one bad thing about the inventory system, but this particular person really didn’t like it.

To be frank, it seems he didn’t like the system because it’s different. That’s just my observation. That, and with his attitude that Skyward Sword “can’t be for adults” because it’s not “gritty” like God of War he definitely isn’t going to win many points. When he said “we need a Zelda for adults… it’s long overdue” I actually face palmed in real life. Twilight Princess anyone? You know, the last console Zelda… yeah that was pretty gritty. Especially for the Zelda series.

So why show you all this “negative” look at Skyward Sword? Because naturally it is going to be a concern overall going forward. The control scheme may seem brilliant to someone like our own Alex, but it’s not going to catch on with everyone. The fact it wont could affect it’s overall sales, since it’s so different not a lot of people will necessarily be comfortable playing with it. Who knows, I could be wrong (I hope I am), but it’s something I am indeed worried about.

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