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I found this more recent IGN piece to be a rather interesting debate. Sure, some of us are very excited for Skyward Sword, but clearly the general feeling in the gaming community is that Skyward Sword so far has been disappointing. Remember the non stop complaining about the graphical look of the trees? Remember the complaints about the baggy pants? What about the initial flop of a showing off of the controls by Miyamoto? These sort of things tend to linger in fans minds, and really kill the hype machine. Some have even gone so far as to say Nintendo lied to us with the first concept art release. Of course, the reality is we simply all read way too much into what was, essentially, just that: A concept piece showing off the idea of the Skyward Sword spirit – it wasn’t anything more than that. Step inside for more.

The author of this particular article goes on to point out several reasons we should be excited, but even as a Zedla fan myself I do find her reasons to be rather weak. The only legitimate reason she used was the motion controls, because they have the chance to show what Wii Motion Plus is all about, and really wow us with an amazing experience, something we have been wanting to see since the concept of the Wii-Mote went public. With this in mind, it’s either sink or swim with the controls. They are either masterful and make this game feel like nothing we have played before, or they are glitchy and make us feel like the game is broken.

Personally, I am excited for the game because I like what I see. Master Sword origin story? Great. 1:1 motion controls? Yes please. Artistic styled graphics? Bring it on. Essentially two worlds with one in the Sky and what is apparently also a Hyrule founding story? Sounds great to me.With other unique additions such as the beetle (which is a great evolution of the boomerang) and the ability to dash, I have plenty enough as a fan to be giddy over. Even the small details such as being able to fire an arrow at an object and have the arrow carry that object to the far off wall and stick it in the side, that showed me that Nintendo is even paying attention to the little things, making this game feel stunning.

Source: IGN

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