IGN: The History of Zelda

At the time of the first Legend of Zelda, can one imagine what moxie Nintendo had to have to let this game get out to the market? According to those who played the game, it was too confusing, and impossibly hard. Still knowing this Nintendo let the game hit the market, and the rest was history.

Fans of all kinds should read this article. You never know what you may find out while reading it. As stated, the series didn’t start out of nothing, and along the way there were twists and turns too numerous to count.

I really liked this article. It was a good read, and I did find out a couple things that I never knew before. The biggest was on how much of a risk it was to release the first Legend of Zelda game to market. The people Nintendo brought in to test the game thought it was too confusing and hard. Shigeru Miyamoto stood by his game, and Nintendo let him keep it the way it was.

What do you readers think?

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