IGN recently published an episode of The IGN Show in which devote a brief two minutes to talking about little details that can help any player during his or her playthrough of Breath Of The Wild. While the game does only appear during a small portion of this video, being shown from 9:02 to 11:00 minutes, these tips present small details that some players may have missed.

These twelve tips include using fire based weapons to keep you warm instead of warm clothing or even warm food, flipping the controller upside down in order to deal with some of the trickier motion-controlled shrine puzzles, and a lot in between.

These tips are definitely useful. I personally didn’t know the one regarding fire weapons until I saw a post on Reddit a few months back. It’s neat to see this small detail get more attention from a bigger outlet.

Will you be using these tips? Or did you already know about these? We’re always ready to hear your thoughts in the comments.



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