At the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U press event, held in a hotel in San Francisco at the same time as Nintendo’s worldwide livestream event, IGN went hands-on with the newest addition to the popular game serie. Today, they released a video detailing how Nintendo’s Amiibo work exactly and certain notable features about them, down below is a summary of the video, which can be watched above the article.

Amiibo will learn and adapt strategies based on how you play; if you never pick up items while training, for example, the in-game AI will have no idea what to do with them. One of the faster ways to level up your amiibo is by letting it fight against another amiibo. Certain aspects of the figures have changed since E3: (as stated in a previous post) Link is now supported by a thick yellow rod, the Wii Fit Trainer now has a clear plastic cast around her right foot to support her at the base and to keep her from being broken off. It was also noted that the Kirby and Donkey Kong amiibo feel very solid.

To play with an amiibo in-game it must first be registered in the Games & More section, where you set a specific profile on the console as owner, and give it a unique name. After that a short video will play showing your new amiibo coming to life. You can then adjust the amiibo’s moveset and its equipment, just like custom profiles, but you can also feed leftover equipment to your amiibo to raise its stats permanently. The new data needs to then be written on to the figure, after which you can play with your newly created character.

Stats and equpiment are written to each figure after you finish up a game mode by placing it on top of the sensor, and if the amiibo is then removed the system will ask to replace the figure on to the sensor and rewrite the data onto the specified amiibo. This whole process of writing data on to the figure is very simple and fast. Furthermore, if you put the wrong figure onto the sensor the system will notice and ask to place the specified figure on to the sensor. If wanted, there is also an option to remove all data from the amiibo.

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Source: IGN

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