Hyrule Warriors Update 1.4.0

imagesSome brand new information regarding the latest update for Hyrule Warriors just appeared today over on gamecity.com. In it we learn about some interesting new additions to the game as well as Amiibo connectivity. More information is slowly coming in as they are being translated so stick around for any news regarding the updates.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

HW will be updated on the same day as the TP pack releases to accommodate amiibo and a few other changes:

  • raise max level
  • raise max held materials (i.e. past 99 of each material)
  • new potions in the apothecary
  • one new medal
  • amiibo support


Oooh it drives me crazy when I hear things like, “New stuff is coming…” but we’re not told what yet. I do like the increase in held materials. One thing I hate is running out of inventory space in games. I think I’m more of a pack rat in games than real life.

Source: Game City

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