hw-twili-midna With the Twilight Princess Pack due out this month, Aonuma has posted a miiverse announcement in the Zelda Developers’ Room community giving a sneak peek and specifying release date to be November 27th. Notably, we now know that the new character promised with this pack is Midna’s true form, Twili Midna. As for her weapon, she’ll be using the Mirror of Twilight.

Check out the full post below.

Another new bit of info Aonuma teased is yet another new costume for Link. What do you think it’ll be? My guess is Purlo, seeing as everyone loves Tingle but this is a Twilight Princess pack.

The pack also includes other costumes and more new weapons. Most of all it adds a whole new adventure map, which is a ton of content. You can pick it up on November 27th for $7.99, or if you already purchased the Hero of Hyrule Pack it will download automatically on that date. The Hero of Hyrule Pack, which includes all four DLC packs plus a Dark Link costume, is still available for $19.99.

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