Happy 35th anniversary, Zelda! And later this year, we can also wish Skyward Sword a happy 10th! Considering this particular title has hit a decade and is the only modern console Zelda title without some kind of improved reissue, it’s no surprise we’re getting an upgraded Switch port this summer. In response to this exciting news, Zelda Dungeon masters Mases Hagopian and Gooey Fame have posted a new edition of their Hyrule Compendium series on the ZD YouTube channel.

Though series producer Aonuma-san’s addendum to last week’s Nintendo Direct gave fairly scant information, there is plenty of promise for our hosts to sink their teeth into. The duo discuss Skyward Sword with a familiarity enhanced by having just played the game for the Definitive Ranking series. They share theories on how fundamentally the new version of the game can possibly change its core gameplay, and also address such questions as:

  • How does the additional control scheme change the way the game feels?
  • How HD is HD?
  • Will Nintendo add any quality-of-life improvements like previously upgraded titles?

Give the new Hyrule Compendium a watch and join the conversation in the comments below!

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