Oracle of Ages and Oracles of Seasons were originally released on the Game Boy Color back in 2001. One of the interesting features of these games was their ability to interact with one another. If you completed Oracle of Seasons for example, you could gain access to passwords that would enable you to use items in Oracle of Ages and vice versa. There was also an extended ending which included a battle between Twinrova and Ganon. This is nothing compared to the DLC of Breath of the Wild perhaps, but it was advanced for its time!

In the latest installment of our Hyrule Compendium series, Gooey and Mases discuss what their dream Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons remake would look like. They begin by discussing small tweaks, such as the player being able to equip more than one item and the implementation of multiple modes of. They also discuss the possibility of Link’s animal companions being used more often in puzzles, or a back-and-forth trading sequence between the games for the ultimate sword upgrade.

The discussion brings up an interesting array of complex issues. Could better use be made of optional items in the overworld? Is it possible to sequence break the entire game? Can they fix that annoying puzzle in Tarm Ruins? Gooey and Mases entertain these possibilities and more in this video.

So, do you think there should be a whistle of continuity? What would you like to see in a remake? Let us know in the comments below!

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