Huge Enemy Artwork Update

Stagnox Artwork

We have 23 new pieces of enemy fan artwork for Spirit Tracks today and they are all listed below. Feel free to check them out at our image gallery where you can also post comments on each individual image.

Pictured to the left is an image of the Forest Temple boss, Stagnox, drawn by artist defno. It is one of my personal favorites as Stagnox seems to be a rather difficult boss to draw, yet this pieces of artwork is really nice. Another one that stands out to me is the Nocturn drawn by Olive. When creating the fan artwork page and posting images of the enemies, I found that drawing a Nocturn would be incredibly hard since we never even get a good view of this enemy in the game. However, this fan artwork drawing really does a great job in my opinion.

Bees by Eddeowl
Bees by Gon-Gorooon
Blastworm by Linette Mejia
Bullbo by Olive
ChuChu (Red) by chu chu master
ChuChu (Red) by Linette Mejia
Chu Chu (Red) by Orbitoid
Chu Chu (Red) by ShellShocker
Freezard by Olive
Geozard by Eggy
Keese by pepp
Keese (Ice) by Anubis
Keese (Ice) by Eddeowl
Nocturn by Olive
Octive by pepp
Phantom by Eddeowl
Phantom (Torch) by pepp
Rat by NorthApple
Rat by Olive
Skeldritch by Smitie
Stagnox by defno
Stagnox by Smitie
Tektite by Eddeowl

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