SuperMCGamer has spent some time analyzing the consequences of Princess Zelda’s actions in Ocarina of Time and has uploaded his thoughts in a recent video. To start, SuperMCGamer notes that light sage Rauru already had a plan in place for keeping the Triforce safely away from Ganondorf, in that, even if the King of Thieves had managed to get a hold of the Spiritual Stones, Ocarina of Time, and Song of Time, he would not have been able to access the Sacred Realm, due to not being able to touch the Master Sword.

This means that Princess Zelda, while doing what she believed to be the right thing, ultimately made Link a pawn of Ganondorf’s plan, because Link could actually pull the Master Sword out of its pedestal and release the Triforce. Had Zelda not made this mistake, the Triforce likely would have been fine for a long time, but, on the other side of things, because she made her mistake, two separate timelines exist in the Zelda universe. This means that, had Link not followed through with Zelda’s plan, a lot of the other legends we’ve become attached to as players might not exist in the same way that we know them.

But, what are your thoughts on the mistake Zelda made? Let us know down in the comments!

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