Hidden Love Lesson from Link and Zelda?

5456456The latest video from YouTube member ConnorTheWaffle takes a look at the romance in The Legend of Zelda. In the video he reviews the various games and how the story of Link and Zelda evolves. Starting with the endings of each game where players get to see the two interract, to later games that included more scenes between them. He points out that there is more of an unspoken message of love between Zelda and Link that might not be immediately obvious to the player at first.

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He did have a point early in the video, many games have done a much better job at creating a real relationship between the characters than nearly all the Zelda games, since they are so silent the majority of the time. The idea that more was said without the extra dialog was an interesting turn, there is a lot of interraction between the two characters even if they do not have a lot of scenes together in most of the games in the series.

Source: YouTube

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