Hey everyone! It’s that time again when we begin to look for more fresh blood to add to our growing staff ranks. Rather than simply tell you what we’re looking for this time around, I’m going to go the extra mile and explain each position as thoroughly as possible. In addition I’ll explain some of the benefits of working at Zelda Informer that our current staff get to enjoy and that future staff are sure to enjoy as well! We’re looking for folks for several different positions, so chances are if you’ve ever wanted to dive in and work at one of the largest The Legend of Zelda fan sites on the internet… we probably have a position that’s just right for you! We are looking for people for the following positions. The benefits of working at the site will be put below the list of different available positions so as not to need to repeat myself:

Copy Editors

Copy Editors are what you would think they are, people who edit our posts either before they go live or after they are live to clean up grammar and formatting mistakes. We know we’re not perfect and we recognize that better editing can lead to better reading for our viewers. While we have a couple really solid Copy Editors currently, both are heading on a bit of a vacation period, meaning we’re in fairly desperate need to get some fresh blood on board. Copy Editors are expected to approve posts for staff who require approval still, clean up any post after it is live, and to become an expert at how to format and edit various aspects of posts to help out our fellow writers. All of this is taught to you, at least in terms of how to format, once we decide to bring you on board. It is taught through a live chat sessions over skype where I share my screen and walk you through the different aspects of creating and editing a post, along with different formatting situations.

Obviously the biggest requirement of being a copy editor is having excellent grammar. While we want all of our writers to have good grammar, Copy Editors are expected to be our very best. They are often viewed as leaders by the rest of the staff, helping them turn what might be a fairly rough draft into a full blown exciting piece of writing. Copy Editors may also craft posts for the site (news/editorials), though they are never required to do so. We encourage that they do help out with posts so they can earn Reward Program Coins. This will be explained in the benefits area at the bottom of the post.

You can apply to be a copy editor by shipping an email to nathan@zeldadungeon.net, detailing your qualifications and a sample of your written work. Remember, all positions are volunteer based.

Wiki Editors

For those unaware, we have a rapidly growing Zelda Wiki that really needs a lot of attention and careful editing to bring up to our standards. While the wiki formatting and standards are not entirely in place, we have recently promoted Madison to lead the charge take care of all of our Wiki needs. Chief among them is putting together an editing team. You will need to not only have excellent grammar, but we extremely well versed in your The Legend of Zelda knowledge. It’s pretty hard to edit a wiki and remove misinformation if you’re not well versed enough to know it’s wrong!

You’ll be working directly with Madison and be given permissions to edit, delete, lock, and format any and all pages on the wiki. We obviously encourage those that don’t wish to be responsible for the formatting to still contribute to our Wiki, as we are looking to make it a go to resource for Zelda fans on the net.

You can apply to be a wiki editor by shipping an email to coloradoweber1@gmail.com, detailing your qualifications. Remember, all positions are volunteer based.

Video Editor

This is a new position at Zelda Informer as we look to improve and expand our video content at Zelda Informer. We’re looking for someone who can edit video content together, such as The Boss Man series or other ideas, like Top 10 Videos or random opinion based shows we may do in the future. Requirements are obviously that you have extensive video editing experience, with image/animation experience a bonus. We like to make these as entertaining and professional in quality as we possibly can.

You can apply to be a video editor by shipping an email to nathan@zeldadungeon.net, detailing your qualifications and a sample of your written work. Remember, all positions are volunteer based.

News and Editorial Writers

We are always looking for fresh writers to join our most used daily positions at the site: News and Editorial writers. The expectations of these positions are pretty straight forward – we expect you to post a handful of times a week (as a news writer) or once a week if it’s an editorial. You may obviously post more than that, but it gives us a good basis for your own understanding on our expectations. In addition, like every other position here, the more you write the more we reward you for your efforts. You must have fairly good grammar and the willingness to learn how to properly format and post things in our backend system. A love of the Zelda series is naturally expected. All applications for these positions must include a writing sample.

You can apply to be a news or editorial writer by shipping an email to nathan@zeldadungeon.net, detailing your qualifications and a sample of your written work. Remember, all positions are volunteer based.

Walkthrough Writers and Editors

I’m making this a double whammy position, as I want all Walkthrough Writers to be willing to format and put their walkthroughs into our backend system (with some guided assistance, of course). Do this requires some HTML knowledge (a basic level) and the ability to capture original screenshots for the walkthrough (not just taken from someone else’s YouTube video). Extensive knowledge of the game you wish to write about is required and pristine grammar skills. We are primarily looking to get our current walkthrough content finished, and then expand into Majora’s Mask among other titles we are missing walkthroughs for.

You can apply to be a walkthrough editor by shipping an email to nathan@zeldadungeon.net, detailing your qualifications and a sample of your written work. Remember, all positions are volunteer based.

Benefits of Working at Zelda Informer

While we hope everyone wants to be here because they thoroughly enjoy working here, we understand that life happens and as such, trying to find a good reason to set aside time for to volunteer for something can be hard to justify. This is one reason I don’t work at the soup kitchen nearly as often as I want too – I can’t find the time to really dedicate to it. Reality is however that we do typically have time for anything should we choose to prioritize it – as an example, I played about 2 hours of video games yesterday when I could have easily done something else inste

ad. In this manner, we have decided to give you a major benefit for working here. Here are the primary benefits of working at our site:

  • Staff Rewards Program: In the past month we have implemented a new Staff Rewards Program, where you earn coins for your work on the site which you can spend on various merchandise, including but limited to games, gaming hardware, capture hardware, and so much more. This was done mostly to say thank you to our staff. We cannot afford to offer paid positions, but we can reward our staff for their hard work and dedication. More details on this program are available upon hiring.
  • Job Reference and College Application Status: Volunteering at Zelda Informer looks absolutely stunning on college and job applications, especially if you are doing something related to your chosen career. I am willing to give excellent references for anyone who has proven themselves at the site. We’ve had a number of staff move on to full time paid positions either at other websites or professional publications in the past. Even landing a job at Mcdonalds is a bit easier with us on your application.
  • Gaining Vital Experience: Some folks are trying to decide if Journalism is for them. Others may want to see if their editing experience can grow into something they see themselves doing long term. Reality is that to make it anywhere these days you need experience, and simply saying you took a class or made some videos for your family won’t cut it. You want to stand out – and you can do so by adding hopefully years of experience working at a rather large website with accreditation. We put our real names by every piece of work we do so everyone gets proper credit for their hard work.
  • Having Fun: Reality is, we enjoy what we do. We hope you enjoy it too. We love debating with fans, sharing out thoughts, helping fellow gamers get through the games, and engaging an audience that truly is worldwide. We may be based in the United states, but we serve fans in over 200 countries every day.
  • Convention Potential, Early Access: We attend E3 every year. We try to go to the major Comic Cons, and we sometimes get early access to games or hardware, or back room interviews. If you prove yourself over time, you could be entrusted to represent our site at various events across the globe (more specific right now, our greatest pull is in the United States). We’re already working right now to land an interview with Eiji Aonuma at E3 2015. We were in line to get one this past E3 but they couldn’t fit us in, but we’re sitting well to get it in this year, just in time for Zelda U. Work hard enough and you may be one of a select group that get to be in that interview! Maybe. We make no promises, as we’ll want our very best staff taking charge. This is to just give you an idea of the various events and potential that happens at our site each year. It’s also nice having press badges, as we can get private tours and early access to demos at E3, that way we don’t have to stand in line unless we want to get a second taste of one of the demos.
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