Possibly more important, have they been planning one since 2009? Still, lets get back to the August 2010 stuff first. Above comes from Timothy’s LinkedIn profile, and it clearly states that EA has been working on something for Nintendo that hasn’t been announced. Naturally this can get taken two different ways (3DS was announced, but is this merely a new title that doesn’t have a platform yet decided for it, or is it a new title for Cafe which was, at the time, not even rumored). In the end, that’s not even the most interesting tidbit. According to a user at GoNintendo, EA has been looking to build a team for Project Cafe dating back to 2009, which can be seen here. This appears to be a clear indication they were at least aware of “Wii 2” at the time and had planned to support it.

Naturally EA was going to support the console, but the bigger question is what sort of title are they working on? In addition, have they really been developing it since last year? This is an important question because it truly means the lid has been kept on this console for a pretty decent length of time. It also means Nintendo reached out to third parties long before we heard about it, and thus several titles could be well into development. So, if EA has been working on an announced title, what do you think it could be? What sort of game could they be saving up for Cafe’s launch?

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