Happy First Birthday Metroid Wiki

One year ago today Zelda Informer gave birth to its little sister project – Metroid Wiki (MW). It was a bit odd really, because that was back in the days when we were solely a Zelda community. But the demand was there, which is exactly the reason it happened. Some of you may remember the thread where it all began.

Perhaps Metroid Wiki was our first step to Zelda Informer Plus – the Zelda focused Nintendo news site. Perhaps it wasn’t, who really knows. The point is we have a much larger Metroid fanbase in our community nowadays, and it’s you that this is for. If for some bizarre reason you’ve ever wondered why I stopped posting news at ZI, and just delivered my superb articles, it is because the rest of my time goes to this sweet child o’ mine – Metroid Wiki.

One year online leads to plenty of statistics. The site has 768 content articles, with 4,297 pages and 1,396 images. A total of 299 registered users have made a massive effort of 22,617 edits, which is outstanding, but thanks also goes to our anonymous editors. There are currently 17 active users, and 7 staff members that keep Metroid Wiki going. We also passed the milestone of 1 million views in our first year, sitting now on a total of 1,100,720, which equates to around 50 views to every edit made. Our top three most popular pages are the main page, Other M and Samus Aran.

So, what is going on at Metroid Wiki behind these celebrations you ask? Well there are plenty of wanted pages to create, plenty of stubs that need fleshing out, and a ton more of other stuff. Wikis – not only are they anyone can edit, but they are always growing, improving and having more to be done. You can also nominate and vote on both featured pictures and articles, and if you’re interested, you can put in a staff application to dathenboccabella[at]hotmail[dot]com. We’re currently looking for graphics editing and marketing/public relations staff. Refer to our Now Hiring section for more details.

In the end, what is it that we need most? We need you. We need more users to join our ever-growing community and contribute to this continuously evolving project. In its short time, MW has established itself as a prime source for Metroid info on the web. A massive thanks must go to all of our contributors, our staff and to NIWA for their support. It’s thanks to all of you that we’ve made it this far, and with you we can go even further. Now, let’s party.

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