Let me just start by saying if you haven’t played Four Swords Adventures yet you’re missing out. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s nothing more than just a plotless slash-fest, or a boring “party” game. While it does have a multi-player focus, and it’s more of a fast-paced action game than a typical Zelda game, it’s still got that classic Zelda feel to it, and it functions just fine as a single player adventure game.

It does a very solid job in most of the areas that define Zelda. Interesting multi-player puzzles, fun combat, and a plot that does just enough to keep you interested, but without weighing you down with walls of text or dragged-out cutscenes, Four Swords Adventures delivers. Even the exploration, which is limited by the game being divided into levels as opposed to having an open overworld, is enhanced by the use of GBA’s as controllers. Unlike most multiplayer games with exploration, this allows some freedom to the players, because they aren’t all required to stay on the same screen.

As a die hard A Link to the Past fan, the common grounds shared between it and Four Swords Adventures gave me a nice nostalgic feeling, but the game was just different enough to still feel relatively fresh, fun, and innovative. In the opinion of this writer, it was a great experience, and its anniversary is well worth celebrating.

So what do you think of Four Swords Adventures? Would you like to see future installments in the Four Swords Saga, or perhaps a port to the 3DS or Project Cafe? Let us know your thoughts, and in the meantime, keep your eyes on Zelda Informer, as we have a day of celebrating planned. Throughout the day you can expect some new content, a bit of a blast from the past, and an interesting look into Four Swords Adventures’ development.

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