Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.06.45 AMWith so much amazing music emerging from The Legend of Zelda series, there  is no shortage of talented musicians creating beautiful covers to honor songs to emerge from the franchise. One such duo that simply oozes talent is 72HoursRemaining. You might remember the pair from their cover of the end credits from The Wind Waker that we recently featured here at ZD. Now, they are back again and this time with a cover of possibly one of the most heart wrenchingly beautiful songs and places from Majora’s Mask, Astral Observatory.


“This, to us, is the embodiment of Majora’s Mask, and why we love the game. It’s atmospheric, emotional, dark and beautiful. When we played live, we described this song as being about “finding a safe place in a world destined to perish”, and we stand by that.”

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“The song is, in our opinion, perhaps the very strongest of the Zelda compositions, and therefore, we felt like we wanted to stay true to the original, without adding much of our own ideas. We wanted the tonality to speak for itself. We experimented with harmonies and dynamics, but ultimately decided to go with the steel stringed guitar just strumming chords. The classical guitar switches between chords and arpeggios, mimicking the MIDIs of the original song.”

To check out some more of their amazing tunes, head on over to their YouTube channel. What are your thoughts on the duo’s latest cover? What song would you like to hear them tackle next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: YouTube

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