A recent Escapist video tackles the ever-discussed topic of whether graphics or the aesthetics of a game are more important. The video makes some great points about how games that focus entirely on graphics miss the important details. Good graphics aren’t important, but rather, graphics that suit and serve the whole mood, story and aesthetics of the game.

Taking that in to mind, you could argue that Scribblenauts has superior graphics to many games with fantastic real graphics because they suit the game. Although the video doesn’t mention The Legend of Zelda, that’s all that I could think of as I watched the video.

The Wind Waker serves as the prime example that you don’t need realistic graphics to make a game. Of course some people will disagree, but the graphics of The Wind Waker catered to telling the story perfectly. Imagine The Wind Waker, except with Twilight Princess’s graphics. It wouldn’t have worked. The overall aesthetics of The Wind Waker were better served by the cartoon style.

Skyward Sword is an even better example. Nintendo has talked about how, due to the Motion Controls, the enemies need to have exaggerated features to show players what way to angle their remotes. Realistic graphics wouldn’t work for that, but the style settled for is perfect for it. As the video concludes, making a game is not just about getting the best graphics. It’s about the best combination of the aesthetics: music, story and gameplay with the graphics. In my opinion Zelda is the perfect example of this. What do you think? Do you think Zelda is the perfect example for graphics vs. aesthetics. Let us know in the comments.

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