003Tri Force Heroes’ exploration is a bit different from the Zelda games we’re used to. It goes down a similar road that Four Swords Adventures did, but with a few different mechanics. If you’re not playing single-player, all players can select the area of the Drablands they’d like to go to- from there the game will decide which area the heroes will go to based off of a roulette. All the area have their own unique puzzles and themes, but I’ve never been able to ask anyone; what’s your favorite area? There are 8 areas total in the game, and I’ll list them all off after the jump!

The first area of the game is the Woodlands, which holds many Forest-based stages to complete and holds the first dungeon of the game- the Forest Temple. Next the Riverside, Volcano and Ice Cavern- each holding the Water Temple, Fire Temple, and Ice Temple, respectively. After completing the three, you’ll have to go through The Fortress, which has no temple, but is kind of like the intermission between dungeons! After completing The Fortress, you’ll unlock The Dunes and The Ruins, which hold the Desert Temple and Grim Temple. And after completing those, you’ll unlock the final world; the Sky Realm, which holds the Sky Temple (the final stage)!


Out of all 8, I have to say The Ruins or Riverside were my favorite areas. Their songs and atmosphere was really good, and the Riverside’s water stages weren’t nearly as difficult as some of Zelda’s other water-based levels. The Ruins was interesting on single player, due to a portion of the second level that needs to be played differently than if you were to play it with friends (some of you may know what I’m getting at).


So, what was your favorite area? Do you have one yet, or do you feel a specific way about all of them? Let us know by sounding off in the comments!

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