Hello everybody and welcome to the latest edition of Gossip Stone! This time around I’d like to discuss whether or not we should have a new recurring antagonist to replace Ganondorf. As most of you should know, Ganon(dorf) has been the main antagonist of the Zelda series for quite some time now. While he isn’t in every single game, he is in most games and for most Zelda fans, his should be a familiar face. The question is today, is his character becoming stale? Do we need to something to spice it up for a while before we see his next return? Find out in today’s Gossip Stone everyone!

So to get things started, let’s talk about Ganondorf’s character. He looks generally the same in each game that he’s featured in, unless of course he is featured in his beast form, Ganon. This is one of the things that makes Ganondorf unique as a character, the ability to transform from man to beast. Personally, I don’t think Ganondorf is becoming a stale character at all. It’s not like we have Ganondorf as the main antagonist in every single game. In the games featuring the Four Sword we saw Vaati as an antagonist. There have been many other antagonists throughout the Zelda series and even though Ganondorf is featured in a vast majority of them, there has still been enough other antagonists to sort of balance it out.

Honestly, I believe that even if people say that we have had too much of Ganondorf, once hes’s gone the game just won’t be the same. Link and Ganondorf will be tied together for an eternity as stated by Demise in his final minutes. This curse cannot be broken as far as we know and therefore a descendant or reincarnation of Link  will always end up having to destroy Ganondorf at one point in time. If Ganondorf was completely removed there would be a massive hole in what Demise said. The game just wouldn’t be the same without Ganondorf, it would always have that empty feel as if something was missing, a hole that only Ganondorf can fill.

So with all that being said guys what do you think? Is Ganondorf still necessary to have in the series? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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