Hthe-legend-of-zeldaey everyone and welcome to the latest edition of Gossip Stone! Today the main focus is the possibility of the next Zelda U game skipping the Wii U and heading straight for an NX release. Of course it wouldn’t be Zelda U in that case but we’ll keep calling it that until any official details come into the scene. I’ve got two main points I’d like to discuss. These include the possibility of the game being a launch title but as a split release as we saw with Twilight Princess and reasons why it could potentially be a smart move to skip a Wii U release. So with all that out of the way, let’s get started!

To start things off guys, let’s talk about Zelda U being a launch title for the NX. There are two ways this could go, it could be made available exclusively for the NX or on the other hand, Nintendo could do what they did with Twilight Princess and release it on the Wii U as well as the NX. Personally, I believe that if they were to choose any of these two options, they should choose the solo release. The game got massive hype at E3 last year and I’m sure even non-Nintendo or Zelda fans were quite impressed. The short snippet of the game that we saw was epic, even if it was only 45 seconds or so. If the game really does live up to what we saw in that trailer, the game would be a brilliant way to sell early NX consoles.nintendo-nx1 Now let’s move on to how it could be a wise choice for Nintendo to skip the Wii U release entirely, and put all their focus into creating a great NX game. First things first, we don’t have any details on the NX as of yet, no specs, not even an official name, we have nothing. But it’s only early and I don’t believe we will be getting any details until mid 2016. Potentially, the NX release could be massive if it’s released holiday season 2016 or whatever year it comes out, especially if it receives some quality launch titles. Zelda could be one of these launch titles, but we just talked about that so let’s not get too carried away. I’m sure that Nintendo fans worldwide are hoping that the NX doesn’t have outdated and inferior hardware like the Wii U. The Wii U had a terrible launch as well and even though it’s doing quite well now, Nintendo is still suffering from the poor Wii U release. Going into further depth of how Zelda could work as an epic NX launch title, the chances are that Nintendo is going to seriously improve their hardware for the NX so that it can run games that look beautiful, which can only increase the quality of Zelda. Zelda will sell in massive numbers, and if you partner that with the NX, Nintendo’s upcoming console will have a much better launch than the Wii U. Well I’ll leave the rest to you guys, what are your opinions on the topic? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Oh by the way, don’t get the idea that I’m putting the Wii U down as it may seem in my last paragraph, the Wii U is an excellent console and is currently doing quite well, it’s just a shame that it didn’t have what it has now back at launch.

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