link and midnaFor the most part Link walks the path of a loner in a vast majority of the Zelda series, and the few exceptions do little more than serve as a guide with only a few functions that actually effect gameplay such as Fi from Skyward Sword and Midna from Twilight Princess. With that in mind does Link actually need a companion, one who is more directly involved in helping Link progress through the dungeons?

I’m actually of two minds when answering this question. On one hand I think a companion would be a nice addition to the game as far as gameplay is concerned. This allows the opportunity for co-op gameplay and possibly additional gameplay modes which really take advantage of having two players. When I look at it from the perspective of characterization within Zelda games I get a little skeptical about the idea of a companion. How would the companion and Link interact, and if Link gets the Master Sword what will the story do to make the companion be just as significant? I’m sure it can be done, and personally I lean towards wanting a companion in future Zelda games, but I also see how it can be a bit difficult to pull off in a way that fits the amazing quality that is necessary for a Zelda game. So what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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