This week it is only 2 weeks until the release of the next big 3DS title: New Super Mario Bros 2. It looks to be a similar trip down memory lane that the previous titles in this sub-franchise have been. NSMB2 could be, and seemingly is being, very easily disregarded as Nintendo playing it safe and keeping to what they know rather than experimenting with the formula. But, is that so much of a bad thing?

After all, statistically, the first New Super Mario Bros title on Nintendo DS sold extremely well. Maybe Nintendo gamers sometimes just want a classic experience rather than having to adapt to new situations. That isn’t to say that keeping to what you know is always a good thing, but sometimes it can’t hurt.

The main problem is, this looks to be Nintendo really playing it safe. This type of Mario game is what Nintendo have been doing for years, it is almost as if it’s second nature. Quite a lot of long-term Nintendo fans are not enthusiastic about it. The setup of it is very typical, but that in turn, does make it rather hard to fault properly beyond the above argument.

Sure, it is the same old Mario doing the same old thing, but the core mechanics of gameplay, graphics, and music can rarely be faulted. The platforming action will still be tight and precise, the lush visuals will still be a more beautiful Super Mario Bros, and the music will still be infectious and chirpy. So, where is the problem in playing it safe?

It is with familiarity, we as gamers seem to always want the next big challenge. We want to be pushed and tested, and what’s more, kept on our toes. Notoriously, the NSMB games have not given that challenge, they have been relatively easy and short games. Also, unfortunately, besides some new suits and some changes to the core mechanics they have remained the same and NSMB2 looks to be continuing this.

This all being said, I am personally looking forward to New Super Mario Bros 2. I am one of the gamers that sometimes just wants a classic, simple experience. I grew up playing the original Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3 on NES, so the classic gameplay style really takes me back. I mean, it also has the Koopa Kids in it, albeit they have been a little overused recently but I still enjoy seeing them.

Also, even though the changes added to this title aren’t too ground-breaking, one in particular has caught my eye. Coin Rush Mode. Coin Rush Mode looks, if it is everything Nintendo have said it will aim to do, to be giving a NSMB title longevity for the first time. Sure, the main story might be quite short, but chances are this will be the mode that hooks me anyway in the long term.

So what about you? Are you looking forward to New Super Mario Bros 2? Also, do you prefer classic 2D or modern 3D Mario?

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