Gerudo Valley Extravaganza

Fridays are always something to look forward to. For most of us that means the end of the school week or work week. For others, it means that we can be going out with friends. Perhaps even for some of us gaming nerds, it gives us an opportunity to put quality time into our Wii or DS.

One other constant that is Friday, Zelda Re-Orchestrated. They’ve consistently updated each Friday, usually including a new awesomely exciting remixed song, and this week is no different. The newest track is a Redux version of Gerudo Valley version 2. There was a previous Redux version recorded, but this one is far superior to say the least… in my opinion. To listen or download, just visit the links below…

Download the music
Listen to the Music

The Gerudo Valley Redux theme is in the Ocarina of Time section of course. It is near the bottom of the soundtrack since it is track 68 of 82. In addition to the new Gerudo Valley Redux, some of the other more recent additions include the Boss Battle theme from Majora’s Mask (Track 7 on Volume II), as well as the ending theme Redux from Link to the Past (Track 8). The Majora’s Mask boss battle theme is alright, but the Link to the Past theme is excellent. I highly suggest checking them out, at which you’ll probably end up downloading more than you can even handle. Enjoy!

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