escavalier 2.pngWelcome to a new weekly feature here on ZI! Each week, we will be featuring a new Pokemon from the new games Pokemon Black and White in order to create a greater knowledge for all in the strange Unova region and all of its strange new Pokemon. This week, we will be featuring Escavalier, the Cavalry Pokemon.

Escavalier is a dual Bug/Steel type Pokemon and the evolved form of Karrablast. It is number 95 in the Unova Pokedex, and number 589 in the National Pokedex. Possibly the most unique aspect about this Pokemon is its method of evolution. Karrablast will only evolve into Escavalier if it is traded in return for a Shelmet. It appears that the Karrablast somehow comes out of the whole exchange with Shelmet’s suit of armor, thus causing both Pokemon to evolve.

Escavalier has three possible abilities: 2 from normal in-game play, and one from the online Dream World. Its two in-game abilities are Swarm and Shell Armor. Swarm is an ability that powers up Bug type moves in a pinch. Shell Armor is an ability that protects a Pokemon from critical hits. Its Dream World ability is Overcoat, a new ability in Black and White that protects a Pokemon from damage caused by weather, such as hail or sandstorm.

It is too soon to say whether Escavalier, or any other Pokemon for that matter, is going to be a game changer in competitive play. However, it does bring a unique evolution to the game to spice things up a bit, plus it gets points for overall awesomeness. As I sit here writing this, he already seems to be growing on me. I can’t wait for Amazon to send my my preorder of Pokemon White so I can add one to my team. Another Pokemon that fits into my Elite Four theme is always welcome!

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